Mayweather vs. Mcgregor Weigh-In And Fight Prediction!


Today August 25, 2017 “The Notorious” Conor McGregor and Floyd “Money Mayweather met in Las Vegas, Nevada for the official weigh-in. Tomorrow is their big fight against one another and it could be the biggest fight of some people’s life time. The 49-0 Mayweather and the UFC highlight machine McGregor have talked a lot of smack going into this and today was no different. Even more heat was added to the fight today believe it or not.


McGreor’s Weigh In


The weigh-in today started with of course the announcement of the event and the fight tomorrow. Following that McGregor was announce to make his appearance. McGregor came to the stage like he was going to a fight! He seemed very confident and focused and was decked out in the white, orange, and green of the Irish flag. However he made his entrance to a very mixed crowd reaction but it didn’t seem to phase him.


The UFC phenom McGregor made his way onto the stage and begin to get pumped up. He immediately stripped down to just his under shorts and headed to the scale. McGregor stepped on the scale and weighed in at 153 pounds. He celebrated by striking one of his now famous screaming flexing poses. After that McGregor stepped off the scale and awaited the arrival of Mayweather.


Mayweather’s Weigh In


The one of a kind, undefeated, 49-0 Mayweather was then announced to make his appearance. Mayweather would make his way to the stage with a careless almost sarcastic look about him. He looked more like a guy who was walking his dog than a guy about do a stare down. Mayweather made his way to the stage with some boos and a couple Irish flags thrown at him and his team. All that said, he never seemed to care much what was going on.


Mayweather made his way to the scale only removing his top wear. There were complications while trying to weigh him and at one point McGregor was told to stay back. Finally they got Mayweather weighed in at 149.5 pounds. He would then step off the scale and join his team over to the side.


The Stare Down


McGregor and Mayweather came face to face for the stare down literally center stage! McGregor began to insult Mayweather and call him a, “bitch”! The whole time Mayweather just stared at him and didn’t say a word. That made McGregor get a crazed look on his face and begin to scream in the face of Mayweather. Mayweather’s reaction was silence followed by him busting out in laughter at McGregor.


Afterwards McGregor said that Mayweather was in the worst shape he had ever seen him in and that he would, “blow right through him”. McGregor went on to say that Mayweather was a, “scared man” and that he would beat him tomorrow no doubt. Mayweather on the other hand reminded McGregor, “your fans can’t fight for you”. He also went on to say in reaction to McGregor saying he himself will likely weigh 170 pounds before tomorrows fight, “weight doesn’t win you fights, fighting does.”. Both fighters very talented and confident, one will win and one will lose. One thing is for sure, everyone who can will be tuned in watching Mayweather vs. McGregor tomorrow.


Walker’s Words of Wisdom


It wasn’t until recently that I noticed the first sign of weakness in either fighter. However shortly after the gloves were officially going to be the 8 ounce gloves instead of the standard 10, Team Mayweather said they wanted to’ “give McGregor an advantage” in the fight. And after that Mayweather said he didn’t know who would win but warned McGregor, “it’s going to be tough(to win)”. In my opinion both things said by Mayweather and his team seem to show signs of weakness. It sounds like to me that Mayweather may not be confident and may use the glove size as an excuse if he loses.


But with that said, is that part of Mayweather’s strategy? Either way it was at the weigh-in that I first noticed a sign of weakness in McGregor. McGregor wins a lot of fights by disrupting his opponents metal state by intimidating them during stare downs, but Floyd didn’t budge. That’s when McGregor to me began to look worried. Even in his interview after he seemed rattled and way more disturbed and bothered than Mayweather. But was that weakness from each fighter or just strategy and emotions?


I believe the strategy for McGregor going into this one will be similar to his normal fight plan. I think McGregor is going to come out swinging and looking for an early knock out win. I believe that McGregor will likely empty most of his tank in the first four rounds and if he doesn’t get the K.O. by then, he’ll likely use rounds 5-10 to recover and rounds 11 and 12 to try to win the judge’s score cards.


I believe the strategy for Mayweather will be the exact opposite of McGregor’s strategy. I think that Mayweather will likely not do much from rounds 1-5 playing mostly a defensive game to start. Then I believe that Mayweather will use rounds 6-9 to counter the strikes of a tiring McGregor. Then I believe that Mayweather will use rounds 10-12 to piece apart the by then exhausted McGregor and will likely look for the knock out win in round 11.


My prediction for this fight is pretty simple. I believe one of two things is going to happen tomorrow during the biggest fight the world has seen in years. One, Conor McGregor will knock out Floyd Mayweather in the third round, probably with a hard right hand and the win goes to McGregor. Or two, Floyd Mayweather will conserve his energy till the late rounds of the fight and then really lay it on McGregor, resulting in a knock out or a technical knock out in round ten or eleven for a Mayweather win. This one is hard to predict but it’s going to be truly epic no matter who wins I’m sure!


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