2017 NHL Stanley Cup Recap (GAME 6)

On Sunday, June 11th, the Pittsburgh Penguins went into Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Finals hoping to win their second consecutive title. The Predators, trying to force a Game 7, are playing on home ice where the crowd will be cheering to not see the cup that night. With Penguins up 3-2 in the series, and coming off of a 6-0 win in Game 5, the intensity was high and it was sure to be an exciting night of hockey in Nashville.

Early in the second period, Nashville thought they had the opening goal of the night, however, the officials had blown the whistle. The puck was out of view, but as Matt Murray was trying to cover the puck it slipped out and was placed in the back of the net by Colton Sisson. The official was quick to blow the whistle, many believe too quickly. With rebounds like this one, we see it mostly as a play-on, this game was different. After some discussion, the officials ruled it no goal as the whistle had been blown prior to the goal. This premature whistle, for many, was the opportunity that cost the Predators the game.

The game went scoreless until there was only 1:35 left in regulation


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